Topic of the Month

    2014-15 webinar schedule

    January 20th - NBC Learn

    2013-14 webinar archive

    April 22nd - Weather Woes -- Reflections on Learning Virtually
    April 14th - Goodbye Textbooks, Hello Digital Resources! Encore
    February 19th - Goodbye Textbooks, Hello Digital Resources!
    January 27th - Getting Organized with Symbaloo
    December 3rd - Cool Tools for a Creative Yule
    November 26th - Online Safety with NBC
    November 25th - Teach Like a 21st Century Rock Star
    November 21st - Teachers Share Why They Are Thankful for My Big Campus
    October 22nd - A Conversation with Dave Burgess, Author of Teach Like a PIRATE
    October 21st - Customized Learning
    October 16th - Connecting with Google Apps
    September 5th - NBC Learn Resources for Your Classroom
    September 12th - iPads in the Primary Classroom
    September 19th - My Big Campus for Beginners
    September 26th - My Big Campus and NROC

    2012-13 webinar archive

    July 30th 10am Eastern - Building Your Digital Toolbox
    July 23rd 2pm Eastern - Creating and Supporting a Digital Culture in Schools (postponed)
    July 16th 10am Eastern - Creating and Sharing Digital Curriculum in My Big Campus
    July 9th 2pm Eastern - Digital Learning: Getting Parents on Board (postponed)
    June 25th 10am Eastern - WEB 2.0 Smackdown
    June 18th 2pm Eastern - Moving Beyond the 21st Century Classroom (postponed)
    June 11th 10am Eastern - How to Participate in a Twitter Chat
    May 16th - Introduction to the Blended and Online Learning Course
    May 14th - Getting Connected, Staying Connected
    May 7th - NBC Learn Resources for your Classroom
    April 23rd - Imagining Your 1:1 School: Starting Down the Path to 1:1
    April 11th - Get in the Groove with the Summer of eLearning Part 2
    April 9th - Get in the Groove with the Summer of eLearning Part 1
    February 26th - No More Searching the Bottom of the Backpack: School News Goes Digital
    January 29th - NBC Learn Resources for your Classroom
    January 22nd - Indiana Curriculum Connection/Learning.com
    January 16th - National Digital Learning Day and Indiana's Digital Learning Month
    January 15th - Flipping the Classroom
    November 27th - Building Your PLN Through Social Media
    October 15th - Going Beyond Acceptable Use: Teaching Digital Responsibilities
    October 14th - NBC Learn Resources
    September 25th - Moving from Print to Digital -- Resources for Indiana Educators
    August 27th - This Year in eLearning

    Podcasts and Webinars

    All podcasts and webinars from the 2010-11 and 2011-12 seasons are archived and available in the blog.

    2011-12 Webinar Topics

    September 2011 - Book Talk with Dr. Larry Rosen, author of Rewired
    October 2011 - National and State Trends
    November 2011 - Making the Shift from Print to Digital: Indiana’s Progress
    December 2011 - I Have iPads in my Classroom...Now What? Apps in the Classroom
    January 2012 - PD 360: Indiana's Online Professional Development Pilots (postponed)
    February 2012 - Teacher Effectiveness -- How Technology is Supporting Teacher Growth (postponed)
    March 2012 - BYOT -- How Indiana Schools are Implementing Bring Your Own Technology Initiatives
    April 2012 - Summer Professional Development Opportunities
    May 2012 - Learning and Planning in Your Pajamas -- Online Resources for Planning the 2012-13 School Year

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